Saturday, June 18, 2011

Relief Society News
Lindon 11th Ward, June 19, 2011
Conducting Lisa Jacobs
Op. Hymn 305, The Light Divine
Opening Prayer
Lesson #35, Obedience
Taught by Chrissy Ladd
Cl. Hymn 314, How Gentle God’s Commands
Closing Prayer
Dates to Remember
June 20-25th—Scout Camp and High Adventure and Stripling Warrior camp
July 6 - Ward RS Salad Social, 6:30pm, Marilyn Buckner's backyard
July 9 - Ward Temple Day, 6pm session
July 14-16 - Youth Conference - POSTPONED -
August 3 - Ward RS Temple day
August 11 - Provident Living Workshop on strengthening marriage
August 20-21 - Stake Conference, Saturday adult meeting at 7pm, Sunday general meeting at 10am
This week’s recipes on the blog: Glazed nuts—easy and tasty
The Relief Society Salad Social Meeting is coming up July 6th at 6:30 pm. Sign up to bring something and enjoy a great evening of food and fun in Marilyn Buckner’s backyard.
Humanitarian News
Church-wide needs: “The current needs at the LDS Humanitarian Center include girls’ dresses, sizes 2-6 and 10-16.”
These should be practical, washable, and in new/nearly new condition. Please check seams, buttons, zippers, snaps, cleanliness etc. If you need help with the mending, let us know. Simple dresses are easy to sew. I have several patterns; call me (MJ). Many of you are probably cleaning out closets about now so it would be a good time to get these items together to donate to DI. Items may be dropped off at any of our homes (Mary Jane, Marta V, Marta D, Connie S) or brought to church.
Local news: By the way, be on the lookout for school bag items. Prices should be getting more reasonable. We will be handing out the bags and sending around a sign-up sheet for participation later in the summer! Remember, items are pencils, erasers, colored pencils, small pencil sharpener, scissors, 12” metric ruler, and glued/spiral bound notebooks @450 pages.
Thanks for all your service!
If you have announcements you want in the RS bulletin, please email by Friday night. Also, if you want a handout passed around, please give 4 copies to me and I’ll put them in the binders before RS and Primary.

Go to for information, recipes, and audio
lesson presentations. The lessons can now be heard!!