Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sunday Bulletin

Lesson #36 - Receiving the Ordinances and Blessings of the Temple, taught by Marilee Olson

Dates to Remember
July 24th Pioneer Day
July 25th Lindon Stake Breakfast 8;00-9:30am
Aug. 6th Temple Day, 9:30 Session, lunch afterwards

Lindon Stake Pioneer Day Breakfast
Saturday, July 25th at our new Stake Center Pavilion 8:00 am to 9:30 am
Flag ceremony, prayer, and message at 8:00 am

Sister’s please call your supervisor to let them know that you have completed your V.T.

Kris has a big plastic Blue bowl from the ward barbecue that had a salad in it. Marilee Olson also has a nice salad bowl and nice salad tongs that were left there. Please contact them if they are yours.

Humanitarian Worldwide Needs: "As the Church responds to humanitarian needs worldwide, the need for specific types of donations varies. Currently, these items would be most beneficial--Crib and twin size quilts, file folder games, and school kits.''

Humanitarian Doll/Blanket/Toy Project in Lindon 11th: Locally, we are working hard on our own project for fall delivery to Mexico with the Hassons. Lovely doll blankets have been donated by the Activity Day girls in Primary. Quilts completed by Jenny and Jeannine Cartwright and others show that no matter where our donations go, they will still be top notch in quality. Thank you so much. P. S. You CAN donate new cars, dolls, etc.

Don't forget to stop by Marta Valdizan's on Wednesday mornings 10-12 to help clean dolls, etc. We need your help!

Bags of "happy feet" and unfinished doll blankets will be going around in Relief Society today. You have ALL summer, so please take at least one or two items to help. Fabric donations are needed ASAP! Thanks again!

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