Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunday Bulletin

Lesson TFOT - taught by Lindsay Mosbarger


Dates to Remember
Oct.1st - The stake is teaching organ lessons for 6 weeks @ 7pm, if you are interested contact Janice McKay
Oct. 9th - Enrichment “Ladies Night Out” dinner, classes, crafts and fun, from 5:00-11:00pm. Look for more information to sign up for classes.

Kris is collecting money for Diana Davey & Matt Winn Wedding

Container's found! Left at the Ward Party (Provo Canyon) were two Rubbermaid containers that held pickles and lettuce. One is squarish in shape, the other round w/an orange lid. Call Marilee 785-9522.

Please come to Ward Choir practice if you enjoy singing the hymns. It is held Sunday mornings, 10:30-11:20 am in Bob and Robbi Ann Sorensen's home. A delightful way to spend the Sabbath!

Case lot sales are going on so do an inventory of your food storage and stock up. Be Prepared. Great prices.

***Winding Up the Dolls!***Our curent doll/blanket/toy project for Mexico is nearing an end, so if you have any items yet to complete or still want to donate a new doll/car, etc., please do so NOW. You can also bring them with you to Enrichment night on October 9th. Thank you so much for all of your help. We know you'll be amazed at all the dolls, etc. that will be on display that night! Are you ready, Sr. Hasson?

Jeanette Franklin is the new Visiting Teacher Supervisor replacing Jackie DeVincent
Contact her @ 801-756-1923.

We have some exciting news from the EFY front!! The theme for EFY 2010 has been announced!! “Courage to Stand Strong” with the theme scripture Joshua 1:9 “Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the Lord thy God is with thee withersoever thou goest.” You can find more information at, and you can even download a “theme poster”!!

Additionally, we have a new registration process for EFY that has been re–designed to save you time and energy! It”s as easy as One, Two, Three!!!

One! — Beginning September 15, 2009 thru January 19, 2010: create a BYU Net ID, fill out a form with your name, address and email address. No money is due and no session selection is made. This phase lets us know of your intentions and puts your name on the list for the random selection process in step two.

Two! — Beginning January 22 through March 2 (8:59am), 2010: your name will be randomly selected, and you will be notified that you can login and register for an EFY session of your choice. Payment is required at this time, roommate requests can be made, AND you may select up to three other friends to register at that same time (if they completed Phase One also).

Three! — Beginning March 2, (9:00am) 2010: if you missed part one and couldn’t participate in part two, all remaining spaces will be open for enrollment.
Hopefully this new process will cut out long computer wait times. You can find more information about the process and the EFY 2010 theme, “Courage to Stand Strong,” at

On-going world-wide Church projects:

"As the Church responds to humanitarian needs worldwide, the need for specific types of donations varies. Currently, the items listed below would be most beneficial. Hygiene kits, school kits, file folder games, sweatshirts and sweatpants, t-shirts 0-16 years, and full size quilts."

If you can donate any of the above items, please give them to the humanitarian committee. You can even donate single items that go into the kits; they do not need to be completed kits. Items for the hygiene kits are bar soap, toothpaste, a packaged toothbrush, combs (no pointed ones), and bath handtowels (about 15 x 25"). Items for the school kits are unsharpened pencils, rubber pencil erasers (1 x 2), blunt nosed scissors with metal blades, handheld pencil sharpeners, 12 inch metric straight edge ruler, set of at least 12 colored pencils aprox. 7" long, and glued or spiral bound notebooks with lined notebook paper.

We'd like to send out a very BIG "thank you" to Mary Jane Johnson and her committee for all their diligent efforts to collect baby dolls and blankets and toy cars for the little children in Mexico. We thank all of you who have participated in this humanitarian service. These toys will be given to single LDS mothers so they can give their children a gift for Christmas.

If you have any of the following items that you no longer need, please donate them within the next few weeks. Collecting these supplies would make a great service project for FHE or YW/YM!
• sewing machines in good working condition
• old computers and printers in good working condition
• wheel chairs and crutches
• children's books in Spanish, school supplies, teaching supplies (We will be conducting a fireside for the parents, and teaching them how to create an atmosphere of learning in their homes. At the conclusion of the fireside, we wanted to be able to send home a kit for each family.)
• decorative jello molds
• camping gear
• tools for gardening, household repair, or for use in construction
• clothing for missionaries

Thank you so much. We are so grateful to the members of our Ward for their continued support in helping LDS families in Mexico.

Items can be left on the front porch of Laurie and Reed Hasson's home. They will be taken to Mexico over the Thanksgiving holiday.

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