Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sunday Bulletin - May 16, 2010

Lesson #10 - Scriptures, taught by Chrissy Ladd

Announcements & Dates to Remember
May 23rd - Seminary Graduation
May 24th - Ward Picnic at Rocky Mt. Park
June 1st & 3rd - Visiting Teaching Interviews
June 2nd - “Cookin’ Mama’s “ Relief Society Monthly Mtg
June 4/5 - Zions Camp
June 12th - Stake Daughter of Valor 11 year old girls and Moms
June 12th - Aspen Lakes Pavillion Dedication
June 14-17 Girls Camp
June 14-17 Scout Camp

Sisters we need your help to stack the chairs after Relief Society. Thank-you.
Sisters please sign up for the VT Interviews.

Attention all Lindon 11th Ward Sisters:
Wednesday, June 2nd is our very first activity of the new R.S. monthly meetings! Come join us for a fun and informative evening.

Wednesday, June 2nd
7:00 pm in the R.S. room
Savvy Shopping
Meal Planning
Simple Dinner Demos
Refreshments and Tasting Table
Please bring your favorite Simple Supper Recipe to share with the group

Possible bags for TREK
Each participant is required to have a possibles bag for Trek. Sister Bruning has ALL the fabric for the possible bags. It will cost $1.00 per person for the fabric. We are hoping to have a RS activity combine with Mutual to sew the possible bags the last Wednesday of June. Please watch for details on this!

The Mormon Handcart Pageant in Nephi, UT will be held this year from June 23-26th at the Juab County Fairgrounds Outdoor Arena (350 W. Center Street). Pageant begins at dusk (9:15 pm), but pre-pageant activities and chuckwagon dinner start at 6:30 pm. For more info visit

Thought for the day: JaNae Munden
*Women are Angels*
*And when someone breaks our wings....*
*We simply continue to fly.........on a broomstick...*
*We are flexible....*

The blogspot address for RS is It includes a link to listen to the lessons and a birthday list.

If you have any announcements for the Relief Society please email them to Dixee Wilkerson at

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