Sunday, July 4, 2010

Sunday Bulletin, July 4, 2010

Lesson - Finding Strength Through the Temple, taught by Carri Oviatt

Announcements & Dates to Remember
July 4 - Open House @ Magleby’s for Acerson’s
July 7 - RS Monthly Mtg. @ 6:30, Quilting, Potluck Salads and Desserts
July 19-22 - TREK

Sisters we need your help to stack the chairs after Relief Society. Thank-you.

Next Week’s Lesson #13 The Priesthood

The Stake Provident Living Specialist, Julie Bryner, sent me the following information about purchasing pears for canning.
If you are interested in purchasing pears please give your money to Karen Smith by July 15th. The pears are $24 a box.
Here are a few particulars, first, on the pears:
---They are Bartlett Pears----awesome for canning!
---They are guaranteed to be 2 1/4" to 3" in diameter.
---They are 'field picked' so they may have a few small blemishes that are easily peeled off, and don't affect the flavor. (We didn't notice any such blemishes last year!)
---They will be picked during the last 2 weeks of August and the first week of September, and kept in a cooler until we get them. (Last year, we had plenty of time ---10-14 days ---to get around to canning them.)
Due to the likelihood of a smaller crop this year, we're going to open this order up early and get it turned in as soon as possible. Here's how it will work:
--- The order deadline is August 1, 2010----although we will accept modifications up to 2 days prior to delivery.
---Delivery will be the last 2 weeks of September---we will email with specific dates later.
---These will be 40-44 lb boxes. (Last year we got 36 lb boxes)
---They will be $24 per box. (That's about 55¢ per lb!)
---If your group puts together a minimum order of 50 boxes, we will deliver pears to your home (or designated area of your choice)--as long as you're within 10-15 minutes off of I-15.
---If you'd like to do a group order but don't think you can quite make the minimum, please call us, we'll try to group you with others in your area.

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