Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Family Canning

(Message from the Lindon Home Storage Center (Dry Pack): Lindon HSC is needing part-time missionaries who can serve on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 8-10 hours/week. If you are interested or even curious, please call Brother Church @ 801-367-9997)
Dear Lindon Cannery Email Subscribers: 
(Please read this email carefully. This is not the sign-up. It is an opportunity to understand how things will work. We hope this helps to minimize the stress of signing up. This should also give you time to plan your order. Please remember that the Cannery wants to work at its full capacity. If you don’t want all of your cases, plan ahead and offer them to someone else. One person can get 4 cases for working a shift.)
We’ve had several phone calls from people anticipating the next family canning opportunity. This email is to let you know that we are preparing to sign-up for chicken and pork chunks. We will send the links for the actual online sign-ups on September 9th, but we wanted you to have an opportunity to look things over before then.
The instructions below are a copy of those that are currently on the online sign-up. Now is the time to read them carefully to understand what you would be agreeing to if you participate in this opportunity:
************************************************BEGINNING OF COPIED INSTRUCTIONS
By entering your name on this signup you are indicating that you have read and understand the following stipulations:
1) I AGREE to work at the Lindon Cannery for a 2.5 hour shift on October 11, 12, 13, 14, 18 or 19.

Limit: One shift/person.

2) I AM ABLE to purchase up to a combined total of 4 cases of Canned Meat (example: 3 chicken + 1 pork= 4 cases)

Chicken Chunks: $44.40/case of 24, 14.5 oz cans 
Pork Chunks: $57.60/case of 24, 14.5 oz cans 

3) I UNDERSTAND that I (or someone I have arranged with) will have to return on November 8th, 9th, or 10th between 8:30 am - 3:30 pm, to pick up and pay for my meat. 

4) I UNDERSTAND that if I do not pick up my meat during dates listed above, the Lindon Cannery has the right to sell my order to someone else, making it unavailable to me.

To schedule a shift:

1) Scroll down, past these instructions, to find the sign-up table.
2) Click on a box that says “Available” located in a COLUMN (time of day) that you are available to work.
- Your shift begins at the time indicated at the top of the column.
- You should arrive 15 minutes before this time so the shift can begin on time.
- A shift is full if there are no boxes that say “Available” on the table. Empty boxes are
  places that are not being scheduled on a particular shift.
- Write down the ROW (Worker #) and COLUMN (shift time) when you are scheduling.
3) Enter the required information and click on the “Schedule this shift” button to complete your registration.
Please verify all information and write down your time (column header), Patron # (row header) and UNDO code (case sensitive) BEFORE hitting the “Schedule This Shift” button. You cannot go back and verify what you entered without UNDOing and rescheduling your shift.
4) IMPORTANT: Even if you get an error that tells you that someone else has scheduled this shift, return to (Click to redraw) the main page and verify that your name is listed in the COLUMN (time) and ROW (Worker #) you tried to schedule.   Do not schedule a 2nd shift before verifying whether or not your name is listed.   
I can return to this site to:
1) check for cancellations.
2) help others schedule.
3) review the instructions for this opportunity.
4) UNDO my shift.
To UNDO your shift: find your name on the signup table, click the UNDO box under your name on the signup sheet and enter the UNDO code you created when registering in the prompt box
************************************************END OF COPIED INSTRUCTIONS
For those who are new to the online sign-ups or for those who want to remind themselves how to use it, the link at the bottom of this email will take you to a practice signup. Feel free to play on it as much as you would like, but PLEASE use the UNDO code to cancel the shifts so the practice sign-up will always have open shifts for others to practice with. You create your UNDO code while you are filling out the information for Step 3 above.
Remember the real links won’t be sent via email until September 9th. Links will not work until 10pm that night. There will be a different link for each day we are scheduling.
Here is the link to the practice sign-up: (you may have to hold down the CTRL key when clicking on it)

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