Monday, October 13, 2008

Retreat Wrap-Up

A BIG THANK YOU to all who helped and participated in this year's RS Spa Retreat! We had a great time and accomplished amazing things in just 20 short hours.

1 quilt tied
2 scrumptious meals served
5 women singing
8 baby booties crocheted
9 games of "Nines"
10 swore off credit cards for Christmas
12 humanitarian game packets colored and cut
13 recipe card holders painted
14 white shirts donated
17 spanish Hymnals purchased
20 homemade facials given
21 kits of jewelry created
23 women learned to live more healthy
25 sets of eyebrows waxed (and other parts too - but no details divulged here;-)
27 relaxed with meditation
30 women tried yoga and zoomba
32 learned magic with waffles
35 "found" their sister
40 shared tidbits and surprises
60 hands were waxed and pampered
300 fingernails painted
399 primary visual aids cut out
TOO MANY after midnight giggles to count

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