Thursday, February 12, 2009

Food Storage Minimums

400 lbs of grains, not just wheat, 17.5 oz/day
60 lbs of beans, 2.6 oz/day
10 quarts cooking oil, shortening, butter, .87 oz/day
60 lbs sugar/honey, 2.63 oz/day
8 lbs salt, not only for eating-curing, .35 oz/day
16 lbs powdered milk, .70 oz/day
14 gallons drinking water - FOR 1ST 2 WEEKS

Two 5 gallon buckets will hold 75 lbs wheat, rice or other grain. This means that you will need 11 buckets of grain for each person in your family.

If you store all your grains in #10 cans - wheat, rice, corn, etc - you will need 64 cans or 10.5 cases per person. Serving about 2 cups un-ground grain per day.

Rolled oats are lighter but bulkier, so they require more storage space. You would need 124 cans or 21 cases per person.

Pasta - you will need 32 cans or 5.25 cases per person.

Beans - a 25 lb bag will fit in a single 5 gallon bucket with some space left over. So 2 buckets will hold a one person supply, or twelve #10 cans or about 2 cases. Serving 3/4 cup per day.

This is not much food folks. Get the basics and then immediately begin adding more kinds of grain, soup mix, canned and/or dehydrated vegetables and fruits. Add a variety more than the minimal survival diet. For example: the minimum recommended amount of grain, when ground and prepared will yield about 6 small biscuits or a plateful of pancakes. It's enough to keep you alive, but a far cry from being satisfying and not being hungry.

The one month kit costs $18.69. All they need is 12 of these per person to survive. They fit nicely under beds or stacked in a closet. Less than $1.00/day!!!


Wheat - I would buy this by the bag at the cannery ASAP! I would order 6 gallon buckets from Walton's or where ever you have a better source. You can even order these buckets later. Getting the food is probably the most important right now.

Flour - I would also buy this at the cannery. It is currently $7 for a 25 lb bag.

Pasta - I would buy macaroni and spaghetti at the cannery by the can. Buy egg noodles from Walton's.

Sugar - I would buy by the bag at the Macey's Case Lot Sale in March. It should be about $9.

Beans - I would buy by the can at the cannery.

Lentils - I would buy at Walton's.

Oats - I would buy at the cannery. If you like other grains, get them at Walton's. Like Cream iof Wheat (Germade) is really cheap by the can at Walton's. Check Macey's this month.

Rice - I would buy at the cannery or Sam's club.

Vanilla extract will improve the flavor of powdered milk. Learn how to make and use wheat gluten (smoke flavor, chicken or beef bouillon adds good flavor). Chocolate syrup and powdered drink mixes help with appetite fatigue. Vitamins and protein powders will boost the nutrition levels of foods that may have suffered losses during processing and longer storage. Try Costco and Sam's Club for the best prices. The cannery has Cocoa Mix for the best price around.

This information was provided by the ward Provident Living Specialist.

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