Thursday, February 12, 2009

Lindon Cannery Changes

There is an important change to the Family Canning procedure. Due to new product clearance regulations, no product can be sold the same day it is produced. Those who schedule the first day of any product must pick up their order after the last day the item is produced. This means if a product is produced on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, those who are registered on the first day cannot pick up their items until the following Friday or Monday. Pick-up dates for each product will be given at the orientation for your shift. We encourage those who live close to the Cannery to schedule on the first days to help those living further from the Cannery. You may pick up your product at subsequent shifts, but all products must be picked up before the day of the overage sale. We can not have anyone picking up on the same day as the overage sale.Just a few reminders for successfully completing your Family Canning Registration:

1) We now have 5,500 people on our distribution list. Understandably, we cannot respond to emails sent to the distribution email address. You can not schedule family canning through email. Please mail the completed paper copy of the registration along with a self-addressed, stamped envelope (SASE) must be mailed to the Lindon Cannery, 940 W Center, Lindon, UT 84042. We will return your confirmation in your SASE.

2) You must pull the attachment in through the Adobe Reader to print off a readable copy of the registration form. We cannot process registrations that are not in the proper format. If you do not have the Adobe Reader downloaded, please go to the following website. It is a free download: This program works like any other word processor. It is easiest to save the attachment to your desktop and then open and print the registration through the Adobe Reader program.

3) You are only allowed to schedule one shift per person until the Monday just before we begin production on an item. On the prior Monday, if there are open shifts or cancellations, we will take phone registrations ONLY for the product being produced that week.

4) Please remember to indicate the number of cases you want to order of each product you are scheduling. If an amount is not listed, you will be assigned 2 cases. This number cannot be increased. (You are always able to lower your order amounts when you check in for your shift.) You may, however, schedule a 2nd shift, if there are any available, beginning the Monday of the same week we begin processing the item.

5) Please only “X” through dates and times that you absolutely cannot come. We will not schedule anything that has an “X” through it. The 9:00 and 10:00 shifts are the most requested and fill up the fastest. We will schedule your circled dates and times first. FYI: The Church Canneries are still not able to offer canned meats for family canning. We do not know when or if this will change. We have no further information on the status of this concern but will let you know as soon as anything changes! We are all hoping this will be resolved soon.

At this time, this Spring Family Canning schedule may be the only one offered at the Lindon Cannery in 2009 due to scheduled repairs on the building in October, November & December. If the maintenance is rescheduled, we will contact you through this distribution email.

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