Monday, January 4, 2010

Lindon Home Storage Center Information

Remember the price changes (sent previously) for dry pack items will go into effect on January 16th. Please call the Home Storage Center during the listed hours of operation with any questions.

Lindon Home Storage Center Information
940 W Center St. Lindon, Utah 84042 Phone: (801) 785-0997

Normal Days and Hours of Operation
Tuesdays & Thursdays F 9:00 AM to 7:00PM.
Saturdays F 9:00 AM to 1:00PM.

*Note: Hours are subject to change. Current days and hours of operation will be recorded on our answering machine and posted outside the LHSC entrance door.

BULK ITEMS* and Prepackaged Canned* items may be purchased “off-the-shelf.”

Dry-Pack Canning* is WALK-IN ONLY — First-Come-First-Serve!
· No pre-scheduled appointments will be made.
· Each group of 1 to 3 Processing Patrons will be assigned a work-station.

Your Dry-Pack Canning Shift: Within our hours of operation, you may process Dry-Pack products which are sold at the Home Storage Center for as long as you choose.
NOTE: Patron orders should be submitted no later than ½ hour before closing time.

ORDERING: You may bring a copy of the Home Storage Center Order Form found at or simply complete the order form at the Home Storage Center.

Product prices are found on the order form. There is no sales tax on home storage products.

Dry-Pack Canning Patrons will be given processing instructions by our Home Storage Center Missionaries. Processing steps include:
Completing your order and validating it with a LHSC staff member.Preparing for dry-pack canning in our Pre-Processing Area.When directed, taking pre-processed items (cans, boxes and products) to assigned work-station.Having completed products and quantities validated by LHSC missionaries.Obtaining any bulk products included in your order.Paying for validated order at the LHSC Office. (Note: Cash or personal check only.)
Available Products* to CAN and/or order in BULK are:

Black Beans
Pinto Beans
White Beans
Nonfat Dry Milk
Red Wheat
White Wheat
Apple Slices
Carrots (dehydrated)
Quick Oats
Regular Oats
Dry Onions
Potato Flakes
Refried Beans
Cocoa Mix, Hot
White Flour
Fruit Drink Mix

Limited Life — BULK ONLY Items*:

· Pancake Mix ( four – 4 lb. Bags per box)
· Potato Pearls (twelve – 28 oz. Mylar pouches per box)

*NO ORDER LIMITS… Products are based on Availability. First-Come-First Serve

Prepackaged Items (6/ #10 cans per box): l Starter Kit (2ea. red wheat; 2ea. white rice, 1 ea. pinto beans & 1 ea. quick rolled oats); l Pinto Beans; l Quick Oats; l White Rice l Red Wheat.

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