Monday, January 11, 2010

Sunday Bulletin

Lesson #1 - “Our Heavenly Father”, taught by Debbie Norton

Announcements & Dates to Remember
Jan 13th New Beginnings – For YW and their parents @ 7pm
Jan 16th Ward Temple Night @ 6:30pm
Jan 18th No School, Martin Luther King Day
Jan 19th Book Club “The Book Thief”
Jan 28th Stake Relief Society Conference and Dinner @6:30pm
Jan 30th Relief Society Training Meeting from 9-10am. Breakfast served

Kris is collecting money for a wedding gift for Brooke Arbon and Andrew Hill.

Sisters we need your help to stack the chairs after Relief Society. Thank-you.

As the Church responds to humanitarian needs worldwide, the need for specific types of donations varies. Currently, the items listed below would be the most beneficial.

The Humanitarian Center has received sufficient donations for the following items: sock dolls, receiving blankets, girls' hair accessories, and stuffed balls. (ABC books and picture books have been discontinued.)
FYI: Sizes: Single quilts are 72" x 90" and full size quilts are 90" x 90"
Suggested materials: Cotton, cotton-poly blend or flannel (pre-shrunk if necessary). Denim and corduroy are NOT preferred. 8 oz. bonded poly batting is recommended for tied quilts. 3 or 4 ply yarn or heavy Cro-sheen is recommended.
Quilts may be tied or quilted by hand or machine. Use 1/2" seams on pieced quilts. Ties should be about 4" apart. Square knot or international stitch is preferred. Check underneath to make sure there are no knots. Please ensure that the ties cannot be pulled out.
Binding should be carefully done by hand or machine. Two suggested methods are the pillow case method and the roll method.

Provident Living Tip:
Take an inventory of what you have in your cupboards and food storage area and then check out the sales that are going on.

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