Friday, January 28, 2011

Relief Society Bulletin--January 30th, 2011

Visiting Teaching Conference
You Are Heaven Sent
Lindon 11th Ward, January 30, 2011

Conducting Karen Smith
Op. Hymn 131 More Holiness Give Me
Opening Prayer Julie Palmer
Speaker Jocelyn Rodgers
Special Music “A Woman’s Heart”
sung by Lisa Harris
Speaker Jeannee Stevens
Cl. Hymn 301, I Am a Child of God
Closing Prayer Melissa Wiest
Dates to Remember
February 2nd —Relief Society Monthly Meeting 7:00 pm See below
February 3rd—Stake/Ward Temple day
February 4th—First gardening class, 7:00 pm 200 S. Building
February 5th-6th—Stake Conference-7:00 pm Sat. and 10:00 am Sun.
February 12th—Stake Sweetheart Ball 6:00 pm—See signup sheets in binders. This event includes prime rib dinner and dancing and is a lot of fun!!
February 13th—Ward Conference
February 14th—Valentine’s Day
They KNEAD us—Come broaden your baking repertoire by watching Dixie Wilkerson demonstrate a whole grain bread recipe (taste samples, of course) and discover how much our ancestors KNEAD us by listening to some family history tidbits. Join in on Wednesday, February 2nd, at 7:00 pm for an hour of enjoyment.
This week’s recipe in the blog: Choco-Cherry Cheesecake Bars which would make a scrumptious Valentine treat.
Go to for information, recipes, and audio
lesson presentations. Check the latest canning information.
Our Bishopric has asked us to increase our efforts in Temple Work and Family History. We are promised great blessings for ourselves and families as we do so.
Below is a little chart for the week. Look it over and see what you can do to include family history/temple work the next 7 days.
M,Jan31 T, Feb 1 W, Feb 2 Th, Feb 3 F,Feb4 S, Feb 5 S, Feb 6
Stake/Ward Temple Day

Humanitarian project—The school kit project is ongoing. If you would like to make bags or fill bags, and haven’t already signed up, contact Mary Jane Johnson, Marta Dorner, or Marta Valdizon . If you would like to donate fabric, one yard of sturdy 44/45 inch fabric will make 3 bags, probably not the straps. One yard of 54/56 inch wide fabric should make the bags and straps. Also, if you want to donate money for fabric or school kit supplies, see Mary Jane Johnson.
Lindon Stake Home Gardening Course - 6 week Friday-night series beginning February 4 and running through March 11. The classes will be held at the 1050 E. 200 S. church building at 7 p.m. Home gardening expert and author, E. Gordon Wells, Jr., covers everything from seed selection to a magnificent harvest. Learn recommended varieties, planning, planting, soils, mulching, tilling, weed control, insects and other pests, climate, watering, fertilizing, pruning, and fruit tree culture. Come green your thumb.

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