Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday Bulletin, Feb 21

Lesson # 4 - Freedom to Choose, taught by Shauna Shelton

Announcements & Dates to Remember
Mar. 3rd RS Birthday Dinner @ 6:30, casual dress
Mar. 16 Book Club Wednesday War
Apr. 20 An Assembly Such As This

Lindon Stake Scripture Study Class 2nd and 4th Thursday evenings, 7pm . Andrew Skinner will be the teacher and the Old Testament will be the text.

Sisters we need your help to stack the chairs after Relief Society. Thank-you.

Sisters – If any one would be willing to help out with Freezer Meals there will be recipes and a pan to freeze them in on the table by the door in the Relief Society Room.

The Stake will be holding a teacher training meeting on Sunday February 21st at 6:00 PM at the Stake Center in the Chapel.  This brief session will highlight insights on effective gospel teaching from Elder Holland.  We will be instructed by brother Troy Brown, who is a noted speaker and CES educator.  If you have occasion to teach as part of your calling, then this meeting is for you.  This is for all auxiliaries including Sunday School, Primary, YM/YW, Priesthood, and Relief Society.  Take advantage of this great
opportunity to learn key principles that will help you be a more confident and effective teacher.

The Church is requesting that we donate money now for Haiti's recovery. Mark Haiti under Humanitarian Aid on your donation slip. 
On the Church website, under Current Humanitarian Needs, the only items specifically requested at this time are double-sized quilts  (90" x 90"). The Humanitarian Committee has committed the Lindon Ward Relief Society to doing 5 quilts in the upcoming months. (This would also be a great Eagle project or family project.) We may add more quilts to our goal as we go along!
We also decided that we would do projects this year that include all of you sisters.  In addition to the 5 quilts, we have also decided to collect newborn, hygiene, and school kit items as an ongoing project throughout the year. A recent Church News stated that members could also help Haiti by donating to DI (clothes we assume) and completing Humanitarian Kits.
Individual kit items (or kits completed in your family or by yourself) may be brought to church and given to one of the committee members, or dropped off during the week at the home of Marta Dorner, Marta Valdizan, or Mary Jane Johnson. Kits will then be assembled in late fall. 

Please refer to the Relief Society Notebooks for hand-outs, sign-up sheets, and more information about these projects.

Fold the handout and keep it in your purse, scriptures,  manual, or on your bulletin board as a reminder of the items needed for the RS kits and quilts. Thanks again for all your help. We hope you want to be involved in these projects!
                        WE HAVE SO MUCH--PLEASE SHARE A LITTLE!

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